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This scenario is all too common: A member of a health club goes into cardiac arrest while working out, but the staff members cannot locate the automated external defibrillator (AED) that was supposed to be readily available. This is considered negligence involving an AED and there can be dire consequences. The heart attack victim may suffer fatal injuries due to lack of oxygen to the bodily organs, or may survive but be left with permanent brain damage.  A family is left devastated, wondering why a public place was so unprepared for such a common emergency.

AED Laws

There are many state AED laws stating that certain public destinations must have protocol for emergency response to heart attack, the number one killer in the United States. Places like health clubs, sports arenas, dental offices, and other places with high traffic are required by law to not only keep working AEDs on the premises, but to ensure they are operable and that personnel is trained to use these devices for emergency response.

Legal Remedies for AED Negligence

Negligence attorney Richard Hastings can assist heart attack victims who suffered additional injury or death due to the negligence of others. He has dedicated part of his practice to AED negligence in an attempt to reduce the deaths and severe injuries that occur in public places.

Mr. Hastings and his team are here to assist heart attack victims who suffered needlessly due to AEDs that were malfunctioning, inaccessible, used improperly, or were on site but not accessed in time due to staff negligence.

Your Negligence Case

If someone in your family suffered a serious or fatal heart attack in a public place and you believe the damage was preventable with proper use of an AED, you may be eligible for significant compensation from the business owner. Mr. Hastings can review the details of the heart attack and coordinate with an experienced attorney in your area to investigate the circumstances of your potential case.

Proving negligence directly resulted in severe harm involves many steps, including expert evaluation and testimony. Our legal team can provide valuable information on heart attacks and AEDs, inform you of your rights, and get you started with the claims process.

When you hire one of our referral attorneys to handle your case, you get the benefit of skilled heart attack attorneys who will guide you through the process with diligence and an aggressive legal representation. Please contact Attorney Richard Hastings today to set up your an confidential personal injury evaluation for a potential referral.