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A heart attack is a disruption of the circulatory system that prevents oxygen from reaching all areas of the body. The heart rhythm becomes abnormal or, in cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), stops beating altogether.

When a heart attack occurs, the response time is crucial. If the heart rhythm is not returned to normal within minutes, a victim can suffer serious brain and organ damage. Heart experts say that brain injury is likely and risk of fatality is probable if lifesaving measures are not initiated within five minutes.

Symptoms of Brain Injury

Signs of potential brain damage after a heart attack include paralysis, seizures, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, speech difficulties, behavioral changes, loss of balance, and confusion. The extent of brain damage is usually not apparent right after a heart attack, so it is important to get a full CT scan as soon as possible following the cardiac event.

If your physician failed to recognize signs of a brain injury leading to more severe consequences of heart attack, you may have a case for medical malpractice.

Effects of Head Injuries

Heart attack victims who suffer brain damage as a result of lack of emergency response often face a challenging life ahead. Brain injury victims may need full-time care, various rehabilitation therapies, adaptive living devices, speech therapy, and psychological care. Family members of head injury victims often become primary caregivers since brain injuries rob victims of many physical and cognitive capabilities.

Legal Compensation for Brain Injuries

Attorney Richard Hastings can attempt to assist heart attack brain injury victims collect significant compensation from public property owners who failed to provide automated external defibrillators (AED). With the help of lawyers across the country, Mr. Hastings can assist you in your pursuit of justice.

In heart attack cases involving brain injury, it is very important to secure documentation that clearly explains the causes and effects of the brain injury, and to ensure the proper physical tests are performed. With the help of medical experts who understand the long-term damage, we can effectively determine what your case is worth.

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